Crowntown Cannabis – ΔDelta-8 Tincture – Nano High-Drate – 2500MG

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Crowntown Cannabis – ΔDelta-8 Tincture – Nano High-Drate – 2500MG


Crowntown Cannabis ΔDelta-8 Nano High-Drate – 2500MG – 30 mL

Water Soluble

Drink Enhancer

Cannabidiol (CBD) from hemp has several health and longevity benefits and the demand for water soluble CBD infused beverages has significantly increased recently. A water-soluble CBD product is also more efficient due to its bioavailability. This efficiency translates to a more affordable product for the end-consumer.

Crowntown Cannabis Highdrate is a  Delta 8 infused nano hydrate water soluble delta 8 is all natural, vegan, surfactant-free formulation has a quick onset so you get your relief immediately. It can be used as a drink additive that can be dispersed into any liquid or powder form. A great way to mask the bitterness in delta 8 products.

2500mg (83.3mg per serving) 1 oz


Water, Avocado Oil, Cellulose, hemp extract Delta 8, MCT, Potassium sorbet & Natural flavor

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Weight 2.7 oz
Dimensions 1.25 × 1.25 × 4.25 in


Crowntown Cannabis

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