Modern Herb Co. – ΔDelta-9 | Live Resin | Caramels | Singles

Sold in case of 12

  • QUANTITY: 1ct, 3ct, 10ct
  • MG: 40mg D9 per
  • INPUTS: Oregon Sweetgum Live Resin, D9
  • EFFECTS: Balanced, calm, better day
  • FLAVOR: Sweet, salty
  • OTHER: Organic

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Modern Herb Co. – ΔDelta-9 | Live Resin | Caramels | Singles


Modern Herb Co. – ΔDelta-9 | Live Resin | Caramels | Singles

Sold in case of 12

Experience the unparalleled delight of our Delta 9 THC caramels – a delectable, potent, and organic treat that has garnered acclaim as one of the finest caramels available. Crafted with 40 mg of hemp-derived Delta 9 per piece, these caramels offer a discreet travel-friendly option, delivering the same effects as cannabis-derived Delta 9 THC but in a compliant, legal-to-ship, and consume hemp-derived form.

DELTA 9 CARAMELS VS GUMMIES: Distinguishing our Delta 9 caramels from Delta 9 gummies is the presence of fat. Fats enhance the bioavailability of Delta 9 THC and CBD, making edibles with fat a superior choice for consumption. Experience the optimal effects by choosing our caramels.

EFFECTS AND BENEFITS OF DELTA 9 CARAMELS: Described by many as elevating presence, reducing anxiety, and fostering deeper social interactions, the effects of Delta 9 THC vary based on mood and intent. Potentiated with Authentic Live Resin, our caramels maximize the entourage effect for an unparalleled user experience.

DELTA 9 CARAMELS DOSAGE: For the average person, one caramel is recommended, while those with a higher tolerance may opt for two. The onset of effects takes 30-60 minutes, peaking at 2-3 hours. Start with the minimum dose for the best experience.

INCREASED OR DECREASED POTENCY ALTERNATIVES: Explore our Knockout Softgels for a couch-lock effect or our Delta 8 Live Resin caramels for a fuller spectrum high. For milder experiences, try our CBD caramels, ideal for work and focus.

WHY OUR DELTA 9 CARAMELS: We prioritize safety, potency, taste, and texture. With an ISO-accredited lab, batch testing, and hemp-derived Delta 9, our caramels meet the highest standards. Enjoy a well-balanced texture and carefully selected natural fruit flavors.

OUR GUARANTEE: Trust in the quality of our products. We offer credits or full refunds to ensure satisfaction. Rigorous testing and customer feedback shape our formulations for an exceptional experience.

ARE DELTA 9 CARAMELS LEGAL? Our hemp-derived Delta 9 THC caramels are federally legal, complying with the 2018 Farm Bill. With .3% Delta 9 THC per product, they are legal to consume and have in the United States.

SHOP DELTA 9 CARAMELS FOR SALE ONLINE, WHAT TO LOOK FOR: Choose federally compliant Delta 9 THC caramels from reputable sources like ours. Ensure they are effective, potent, and safe, with accurate labeling and ISO-accredited labs.

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CANNABIS-DERIVED DELTA 9 THC AND HEMP-DERIVED: While hemp and cannabis differ in THC content, the effects of Delta 9 THC remain the same. Our hemp-derived caramels provide a legal and equally enjoyable experience.

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DELTA 9 CARAMELS AND DELTA 8 CARAMELS: Delta 9 offers a fuller high, while Delta 8 is often preferred for social and active use. Alternate between the two to cater to different preferences and tolerance levels.

IS DELTA 8 OR DELTA 9 STRONGER: Delta 9 THC is slightly stronger, but the distinction is minimal. Delta 8 is favored for social use, providing a balanced psychotropic experience. Explore both for a versatile cannabis experience.



Modern Herb Co.

Modern Herb Co was founded on a mission to create the highest quality inputs and products for those we serve. We’re honored to exist during the re-acceptance of such a versatile and important plant and feel indebted to act with the highest integrity to lift the perception of what plant medicine is and can be. We are a team of passionate humans, friends, and skilled cannabis experts committed to a mission of spreading plant medicine, and knowledge to those we serve. Our chemists use plant alchemy x cannabis science to craft exceptional goods containing award-winning authentic live resin to bring the best in taste and targeted effects: Daytrip, Anytime, and Knockout
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