Modern Herb Co. ΔDelta-8 Live Resin Tincture – Knockout

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Modern Herb Co. ΔDelta-8 Live Resin Tincture – Knockout


Modern Herb Co. ΔDelta-8 Live Resin Tincture – Knockout 🌙

Couch Lock

Cultivar: Llama Kush 🦙

Activation Time: 30-60 Min

Peak Effects: After 2-3 Hours

1200MG Total Cannabinoids

Our Delta 8 Live Resin Tincture in the Knockout blend is formulated to have a heavier body and head high, giving it an indica-like direction. It consists of high-quality Delta 8 distillate, coupled with CBD live resin and other cannabinoids including CBN to create this targeted effect.

In each effect blend, we thoughtfully select the cultivar used to make the Live Resin extract. Each cultivar is selected based on its terpene and cannabinoid profile. We look for cultivars that will help reach the desired effect, in this case more of a relaxing indica-like direction with lots of terpenes that will help

You’ll hear us talk about being strain-specific, which all of our Live Resin-based products including this one are. This means we only use one cultivar for the Live Resin instead of mixing several cultivars together. We do this so that the effects are targeted and we aren’t mixing “up” and “down” plant profiles together in our blends.

Tinctures are one of the best form factors for medical use or those seeking (closer to) all-day benefits as oral consumption leaves the compounds in the body’s system for longer than inhaled forms.


We pair CBD live resin with Delta 8 distillate to make the tincture richer in plant compounds. CBD Live Resin maintains one of the highest ranges of the plant’s therapeutic compounds (read more about “What is Live Resin” below) because of how it’s extracted. This means you get a product that has increased therapeutic potential above standard CBD distillate or plain Delta 8 products. The addition of CBD Live Resin also gives a more balanced high to the Delta 8; closer to what you would have with cannabis.


CBD LIVE RESIN TINCTURE: If you don’t want the psychotropic effect caused by the Delta 8, we have a CBD Live Resin-only version which is great for during the workweek.

LIVE RESIN DELTA 8 TINCTURE: DAY TRIP: We suggest pairing this with the day version in our Day Trip Tincture to have an option for times where a more active and/or focused effect is desired.


You won’t find another blend like this period. Many claim to have an Indica leaning product but only have terpenes added in to guide this. We curate the cultivar used to target terpenes rather than adding terpenes in manually and then we also add in minors to build a more comprehensive blend with higher efficacy.

We take our time to make the best versions of products on the market. In this case, our tinctures are made with MCT oil which is a medium-chain triglyceride that helps with uptake. We also add in avocado oil which is a long-chain triglyceride to increase the duration of the effect. We use metered pipettes to help with accurate dosing.

We tested many bottles to ensure ours are leak proof (which can be an issue with tincture bottles) as we know many people travel with this product.

We batch test to ensure you can count on the effects to stay consistent and the label to be accurate for dosing.

Our tinctures contain the highest quality of Live Resin available on the open market. Many versions use Live Terpenes (which leaves out all the cannabinoids ours includes), homogenized Live Resin, or random cultivars. Our Live Resin cultivars are all thoughtfully curated for having the best profiles and they are kept separate to stay strain-specific and targeted.


Our entire line starts with a base of Live Resin CBD because it brings in the widest range of photochemistry that impact therapeutic potential, experience, taste, and aroma. Then we compound formulate additional cannabinoids in with the curated strain-specific Live Resin which is chosen based on the profiles. We pick cultivars heaviest in compounds suited for the desired target effects. Our products use the nomenclature Day trip, Anytime, and Knockout instead of Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica as we feel the latter can be misleading.

DAYTRIP: starts with cultivars possessing cannabinoids and terpenes which will guide the desired Sativa effect for those products including Beta-Caryophyllene, CBDv and THCv. Check out our Day trip tinCture.

ANYTIME: starts with cultivars possessing the most aromatic profiles that aren’t dominant in cannabinoids or terpenes that may be energetic or sedating focusing instead on a more balanced experience. Check out the Anytime tincture.

KNOCKOUT: starts with cultivars possessing cannabinoids and terpenes which will guide the desired Indica effect including CBN and Myrcene.

Infographic showing difference in potency for our Live Resin Delta8 Disposables


Mix and match inhalable products with edibles to get the best of both worlds. Inhaled products are faster acting but have a shorter duration. Edibles take longer but last longer. Pairing them you get the best of both.

We recommend pairing an inhaled form factor with the tincture so you have quicker onset when needed. You can stick with this same blend in our Day trip disposable or try the other blends, Knockout, and Anytime.

chart showing duration adn onset for edibles versus inhaled cannabis products

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Weight 2.70 oz
Dimensions 1.25 × 1.25 × 4.25 in