Modern Herb Co. CBD Live Resin Vape Cart – Llama Kush – KO

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Modern Herb Co. CBD Live Resin Vape Cart – Llama Kush – KO


Modern Herb Co. CBD Live Resin Vape Cart – Llama Kush – Knockout 🌙

Llama Kush 🦙

Knockout/Couch Lock

Linalool, Mycenae, Ocimene

Farm: Oregon Hemp

Our Live Resin CBD vape cartridge in the Knockout blend is formulated to be a relaxing non-psychotropic option. The Knockout blend vape cart is the most relaxing blend of our three options which includes Day Trip (for focus) and Anytime (an energy-neutral option that’s focused on taste and medical value). For this blend, we take the cannabinoid and terpene-rich CBD Live Resin and couple it with other sedative compounds such as CBN.

This product will not get you high as it does not contain a high level of Delta 9 THC or Delta 8. For psychotropic options see our Delta 8 Live Resin vape carts and disposables.

The cultivars selected for the Live Resin CBD Knockout blends are dominant in relaxing cannabinoids and terpenes including myrcene. Our products do not use botanical terpenes derived from other plants and foods as most products do, ours are all cannabis and CBD-derived. Our Knockout Live Resin CBD blend consists of high-quality Kush lineage hemp flower, such as Bubba Kush, OG Kush, and The Wife. These cultivars are all fresh frozen as their harvested to lock in the beneficial phytochemistry. The fresh-frozen hemp flower is then extracted making a rich extract that has more therapeutic potential than traditional distillate. We take pride in curating thoughtful hemp flower cultivars for our CBD Live Resin extracts and keeping them strain specific for targeted effects. This means we do not blend multiple cultivars together. Strain-specific is common in cannabis products but not found easily in hemp products and it’s our mission to bring the highest quality to our open market consumer base.



Our vape cartridges are made with cannabis-quality strain-specific Live Resin. You may have seen cheaper products containing “live terpenes”, and even “Live Resin” but both don’t compare to strain-specific Live Resin. What’s the difference between all of them?

OUR STRAIN-SPECIFIC LIVE RESIN: We carefully select cultivars possessing the best profiles of cannabinoids and terpenes and extract each cultivar separately vs all together. This allows us to formulate each cultivar into the appropriate effect based on its profile.

LIVE RESIN TERPENES: “Live Resin terpenes” is a misleading marketing term. Many brands are marketing “Live Resin Terpenes” by claiming that their hemp terpenes were extracted from uncured plant material, which is actually the industry standard for ‘steam distilled’ terpenes, but this doesn’t make them “Live” let alone containing any “Resin”.  Resin (Oleoresin) implies the presence of acidic cannabinoids like CBDa and CBGa and this can be verified on a COA for a more broad range of cannabinoids beyond sole terpenes and the base distillate. Live Terpenes vs actual Live Resin is equivalent to eating the strawberries smell (live terpenes) vs eating all of the strawberry minus the green plant material on top (Live Resin).

LIVE RESIN: Live resin that doesn’t specify it is strain-specific means it’s extracted from multiple cultivars which are blended together after extraction. The cultivars extracted are typically mass-produced legacy strains grown for endurance, not effects, flavor, and aroma. We are proud to produce Live Resin products with not only strain-specific but farm-specific extracts sourced from a curated selection of unique hemp farms.

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