OG Kush – HHC – 2 – Gram Disposable

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OG Kush – HHC – 2 – Gram Disposable


Not Ya Son’s – OG Kush- HHC – 2 gram Disposable

2ooomg of HHC

No Cutting Agents

USB-C included

OG Kush’s fragrances give consumers a hefty whiff of nature. Hints include earth, pine and wood in balanced way that connoisseurs have been known to rave about. Additionally, OG Kush steps out of the woods with lemon in the mix as well. OG Kush’s wood taste comes to the forefront with a touch of sweet notes as well.

Five clicks to turn on – 2 rapid clicks to activate the preheat setting.

Every disposable comes with a USB-C charger for convenience.


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