Quad Blend 3g Disposable – Live Resin + Delta-8 + THCP + HHC

Carpe Diem 

Biodegradable Packaging!!! 

3 Grams!!! 

12 Disposables per Case 

Authentic Live Resin 

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Quad Blend 3g Disposable – Live Resin + Delta-8 + THCP + HHC


Quad Blend Black Sheep- 3g Disposable – Live Resin + Delta-8 + THCP + HHC

The Black Sheep Way - The Plug Distribution

Experience the Ultimate Potency: Our product is packed with a powerful punch, delivering a high that hits just right. Gone are the days of feeling foggy and dull with generic cannabinoid stews prevalent in the alt-noid industry. We take a thoughtful approach, crafting a special blend of potent cannabinoids that ensures a maximized high without the unwanted side effects.

Indulge in Fruit-Forward Flavors: Our authentic live resin adds the perfect hint of cannabis to our fruit-forward flavors. Not all flavor experiences are equal, and we’ve made sure to curate and perfect our blends for a superior fruit taste that doesn’t come across as synthetic or harsh.

A Step Above the Rest: We pride ourselves on offering differentiated blends that set us apart from mass-market options. Our products are available in two and three grams, competitively priced to meet market demand while ensuring a healthier profit for your business’s success.

Choose quality and distinction. Elevate your cannabis experience with our potent and flavorful offerings. Embrace the high that hits without compromise, and let our carefully crafted blends take you on a journey of pure enjoyment.

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Lemon Diesel – Sativa, Pineapple Haze – Sativa, Forbidden Fruit – Hybrid, Sour Tangie – Hybrid, Blue Cookies – Indica, Garlotti – Indica


Black Sheep

Black Sheep Cannabis Co. - The Plug Distribution